REALTOR Family Fund

History of the Fund

The REALTOR® Family Fund unofficially began in 1998 when a fellow REALTOR® was stricken with terminal cancer.Unable to work and with medical bills piling up, the REALTOR® community joined together to offer help and support. When it seemed that there was so little that could be done, the idea came to provide her a “last wish” vacation with her family. In a small way, this opportunity gave emotional relief to both the family and to the REALTOR® community.

​It was soon apparent that this was not an isolated instance when two more women were diagnosed within weeks of the first, also with terminal cancer and needing support and financial help - agin, the Cheyenne REALTORS® came to their aid. The Board of Directors and other interested members responded to this concern and the swell of good will and charity by authorizing a committee to assess the possibility of establishing a fund for such situations. We then became aware that from time to time, many of our REALTOR® friends experienced a vairety of medical emergencies, tragedies, and financial crises.

​Chartered in 1999 as a Charitable Foundation, the REALTOR® Family Fund found it’s beginning and has since contributed to families, groups and individuals within our community who have experienced special needs.

While the REALTOR® Family Fund was originally dedicated to members of the RELATOR® family -- by accepting the Federal Tax Exempt status, the organization achieved the IRS 501(c)(3). Policy was then revised to include other Laramie County tax exempt entities. This change provides a broader avenue of support to those truly in need in the Cheyenne Community as well as offering tax incentives to contributors

Meet the Trustees

The REALTOR® Family Fund Board of Trustees is made up of dedicated REALTOR® and Affiliate members of the Cheyenne Board of REALTORS®. Trustees work hard to be sure the Family Fund stays a viable and successful entity. From event planning to fundraising you can be sure this team of professionals will get the job done.

Family Fund Trustees are:  Jessica Biggs, Phillip Bowling, Katherine Fender, Larry Gardner, Tammy Grant, Tanya Keller, Nancy Knaub, Cyndi Lewis, Joy Magee, Julie Malm, Payla Poythress, Amanda Schaefer, Norma VanMatre, Shari Webb, and Kristy Williams.

Trustees serve staggered three-year terms with new trustees being appointed each year. Applications are taken in August and the current Board of Trustees appoints new trustees who take office in November.

If you have any questions about the trustee positions, requests for assistance, or the REALTOR® Family Fund in general please contact Chairwoman, Tammy Grant.

A Helping Hand.

Since it’s charter in 1999 the RFF has...

  • Raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to aid Laramie County families in time of need.
  • Medical expenses, funeral expenses, and help with home expenses are some of the things the Family Fund has assisted with.
  • Established memorial scholarships at Central, East, and South High Schools
  • Donated memorial awards to Hospice and other local support groups.

Confidential requests for assistance can be submitted to any RFF Trustee or to the Cheyenne Board of REALTORS® office.